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Global Hygiene Heroes awards: celebrating excellence in hygiene – cleaning industry 

We are excited to announce an award in the cleaning industry for hygiene heroes. Our goal is to give recognition to those who strive for professionalism, equality and diversity in the hygiene and health industry. We believe that the only way to promote these values is by working together and celebrating those who do. This award is open to anyone in the world who is actively involved in the cleaning industry and works hard to ensure a safe and healthy environment. We hope that this award encourages more people to become hygiene heroes who want to help create a better world for all. 

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Global Hygiene Heroes award: celebrating excellence in hygiene – cleaning industry 

Hygiene heroes are a new breed of professional cleaners who are changing the perception of what a cleaner can do. They are trained to understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness, and how to create a pleasant and safe environment for clients. Hygiene heroes have a deep understanding of the importance of good hygiene to the health of individuals and the community, and they work to educate clients on the importance of proper hygiene practices. They are also trained to assess the cleanliness and potential risks associated with an environment and adjust their cleaning processes accordingly. Hygiene heroes are professionals who are dedicated to providing a clean and safe environment.  The hygiene heroes take pride in their work. Wearing thinking caps to stimulate the best practices and create new ways of sustainability and cleaning activities, they bring creativity and innovation to their work. 

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Recognizing achievements in cleanliness

This award is a ground breaking recognition of the invaluable contributions made by seasonal housekeepers and cleaning professionals.   It’s a recognition for great work and a passion for excellence. It serves as a reminder that we can all achieve our goals if we set our minds to them. However, it is important to remember to enjoy the journey and have fun while working towards that goal. An award is more than just a recognition, it is a testament to the dedication and hard work that has been put in to reach that goal. We believe that everyone should be happy in their work. Happiness in the workplace leads to increased productivity, improved morale, and a greater sense of purpose for employees. It is important for employers to foster an environment that is conducive to happiness and satisfaction. This includes offering competitive wages and benefits, providing opportunities for growth, and creating a workplace culture that values respect, collaboration, and recognition. It is also essential to create a safe and supportive atmosphere where employees can feel comfortable speaking up and expressing their ideas. Everyone deserves to be happy in their work, and with the right support and environment, it can be achieved. Let’s work together to stimulate change, create impact and to elevate their status worldwide. 

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Hygiene Heroes Innitiators

It's wonderful that Pamini Hemaprabha chose us to collaborate with. With over 20 years of experience in the field across more than 10 countries and 13 international awards, she is an expert in her field. She knows the importance of listening to all evidence presented and carefully reviewing the facts to make the most informed decision possible. She is using her knowledge to be a powerful voice in the industry, highlighting and celebrating the specialized skills of those in the industry and giving them the recognition they deserve. This is a historic moment for us, and we are thankful for Pamini’s contribution to make a positive change in the world.  
Pamini remarked that Women in Cleaning quickly became a prominent and passionate voice in the industry. “Women in Cleaning developed a roadshow, podcast, and magazine, and I can see their enthusiasm. They resonate with the industry, and creating something of this caliber requires passionate people. I truly believe that Women in Cleaning is highly passionate and therefore in the best position to make this project a success.” 

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